Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Treatment of Cow Manure

First of all, the cow manure should be dried to keep the water content below 85%; then add straw, so that the water content can be controlled at 52%-68%, and finally add organic fertilizer fermentation agent.

After mixing the raw materials, auxiliary materials and bacteria, the fermentation can be carried out on the heap. The mixture is piled into trapezoidal pallets on the fermentation field, with an interval of 0.5m between pallets. After stacking, the temperature will rise to more than 60 degrees in 24 to 48 hours. After maintaining the temperature for 48 hours, the stack will be turned over.

Organic fertilizer equipment must be turned over completely. Turn the lower materials into the middle and upper parts as far as possible to allow them to rot. After the first flip, it is necessary to flip it every week.

However, when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, it must be turned over immediately, otherwise large quantities of beneficial microorganisms and fermentation bacteria will be killed, which is not conductive to fermentation.



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