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Identification of Good and Bad Organic Fertilizer

Look at the packaging

See if the formal logo is available, including the company name, factory address, telephone, fertilizer registration certificate, expiration date, production date, certificate of conformity, etc. See if it is authorized production (generally authorized production does not have their own factory, no source of raw materials). In addition, foreign language packaging should not be purchased as much as possible.

Look at the color

High-quality organic fertilizer is fermented by high-temperature fermentation for a long time, and the color should be dark brown to black; the inferior quality is usually lighter.


Check carefully whether the fertilizer has ammonia smell, fecal smell or muddy smell. Generally, high-quality organic fertilizer has a special acid flavor due to complete decomposing.

Water-soluble method 

After dissolving the organic fertilizer in water, the inferior fertilizer is evenly distributed; the impurities are more, and it sinks to the bottom; the high-quality water-soluble fertilizer is evenly distributed, and the color is sauce color.



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