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Correct Application of Bacterial Fertilizer

The amount of bacterial fertilizer is small, and it is not easy to apply evenly. It is easy to be affected by sunlight before covering the soil. It can also be blown away by the wind on windy days. It can be mixed with organic fertilizer and has good effect. It can also be mixed with nutrient soil. For vegetable seedlings, it can also be applied at the time of vegetable planting.

(1) Fertilizer has a long duration of action. Because the biological bacteria have strong vitality, the general fertilizer efficiency can reach 150-180 days, and only one application of one season crop can meet the requirements of the growth and development of the crop.

(2) Bacterial fertilizer is an active bacteria. It must be buried in the soil when applied. It should not be applied to the surface. Generally, it should be applied 7~10cm deep. Since the biological bacteria do not cause any damage to the roots and seeds of the crop, the application of the bacterial fertilizer should be as close as possible to the root of the crop to maximize contact with the root of the crop, so as to fully exert the fertilizer effect of the biological fertilizer. When planting fertilizer, apply it 2~3cm directly below the seed; it should be as close as possible to the root system when topdressing; when spraying on the foliar surface, it should be carried out after 3 pm and sprayed on the back of the leaf to prevent ultraviolet rays from killing. Species.

(3) The effect of bacterial fertilizer combined with other fertilizers is good. Bacterial fertilizer is a high-bacteria biological preparation. It takes 15 to 20 days to apply fertilizer after being applied to the soil. Most of the biological bacteria need to be revitalized under the action of nitrogen. Therefore, it is necessary to mix a small amount in the application of fertilizer. The nitrogen fertilizer is generally 25 to 30 kg per hectare of compound fertilizer, and according to different conditions, 45 to 75 kg of urea and 75 kg of diammonium phosphate are applied. If combined with organic fertilizer (80kg of commercial organic fertilizer per hectare), it can speed up the improvement of soil physical and chemical properties, increase soil organic matter content, and increase the activity of biological bacteria.



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