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Advantages of Earthworm Manure Organic Fertilizer

Earthworm manure organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients, and is rich in organic matter, humic acid and microbial flora. It can improve the physical properties of the soil, loosen the clay and make the sand condense; it can promote the air circulation of the soil, accelerate the microbial growth, and is beneficial to the plant to absorb nutrients; it can enhance the water retention and fertilizer retention; it can absorb the salt-based components to exchange and prevent excessive the harm caused by the use of chemical fertilizers; it can decompose the minerals in the soil for plant utilization; it can be used in combination with other chemical fertilizers for long-term effects; it is harmless to plants, people and animals, and can also enhance the resistance of plants to pests and diseases, and inhibit plant soil-borne diseases, improve crop quality and restore the natural flavor of crops.



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