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Process of Poultry Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Poultry manure equipment can not only process fresh chicken manure, pig manure, and sheep manure and so on, but also protect the environment. Next, Shunxin will briefly introduce the process of organic fertilizer equipment.

  1. Ration of raw materials per ton: 500kg feces + 300kg excipients + 200kg bacterial residue + 100g RW bacterial agent.
  2. Build heap according to the above raw material ratio and actual demand. The length of the heap is unlimited, the width is 4meters, and the height is 2 meters. It is necessary to stack the materials evenly layer by layer.
  3. Mix the bacterial agent and bacterial residue evenly in a ratio of 1:5. Then scatter on the surface of the heap according to the number of heap.
  4. Turn the heap 4-5 days after the temperature rises above 60 degrees. Use the mixer to mix the fermentation materials, then fold the heaps after 15 days of fermentation at above 60 degrees.
  5. The pure organic fertilizer will be obtained after deep processing and screening.
  6. Choose the suitable granulator according to different raw materials.
  7. The moisture content of freshly made granules is relatively large, so it is necessary to dry the moisture to the standard below 20%. Finally the granules are cooled and packed.


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