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Process of Turning Straw into Organic Fertilizer

  1. Straw processing: Firstly, crush the straw to a certain degree of fineness with a crusher. Then add appropriate amount of raw materials, such as poultry manure, urine or sludge, to the straw to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio and water content of the compost materials. Or strains and enzymes can also be added.
  2. Compost: There are two stages. First is primary fermentation. It can be done in the open air or in a fermentation unit. Then oxygen is supplied to the accumulation layer or the fermentation unit by means of forced ventilation by stacking. Themain fermentation period of aerobic composting is about 3-10 days. Second is after fermentation. The organic matter that is easy to be decomposed and difficult to be decomposed in the main fermentation process will be further decomposed into stable organic fertilizer such as humic acid and amino acid, so as to obtain completely decomposed organic fertilizer products. The time of after fermentation is usually more than 20-30 days.
  3. Treatment after fermentation: The materials can be further dried and crushed according to the needs to turn it into qualified organic fertilizer.
  4. Store: Fertilizer is used in spring and autumn and it must be stored in summer and winter.


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