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Warm Fertilizer & Cool Fertilizer

All farmyard fertilizers that can produce high temperatures during the accumulation process are called warm fertilizers. For example, horse manure is a warm fertilizer when it is decomposed. Sheep manure and rabbit manure are also warm fertilizers. The organic fertilizer that is not fully fermented and decomposed is basically a warm fertilizer, and the warm fertilizer is most suitable for using in a seedling hotbed.

Cool fertilizer refers to fertilizers that produce less heat during decomposing, such as cow dung and pig manure. Its characteristics: fine texture, more water, slow decay, difficult to break down. It should be used in sandy soil, which is beneficial to the decomposition and ripening of fertilizer, and can improve soil water retention and fertilizer retention performance. Generally used as a base fertilizer.

In addition, sheep manure can be regarded as a warm fertilizer because its calorific value is between horse dung and cow dung.



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