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What factors affect the site planning of the organic fertilizer production line?

1.Raw material
For the pretreatment of raw materials, manufacturers can either preprocess the raw materials directly in the farm, and then store and transport them to the manufacturer. The other is to collect untreated waste directly from the farmers and pretreat them in the factory area. These two methods have a direct impact on the construction of the processing area.
2.Fermentation process
The current fermentation process is aerobic fermentation, and the fermentation cycle consists of two parts: fermentation decomposing and secondary aging. In order to meet the standard, groove fermentation or pile fermentation should be used as much as possible. Comparing the two, with the same production capacity, the pile fermentation occupies a larger area of the plant.

3.Post-processing stage
The post-processing technology of organic fertilizer is divided into powder organic fertilizer production line and granular organic fertilizer production line, both of which have great differences in occupied area and equipment.
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