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What kind of raw materials can be used to build an organic fertilizer plant?

There are many raw materials suitable for making organic fertilizers. To choose suitable compost raw materials, you must first understand the basic properties of various raw materials, such as whether the nutrient indicators meet the requirements for making fertilizers, and whether the raw materials can be rapidly decomposed, etc. Generally speaking, the transportation distance of compost raw materials does not exceed 100KM. According to the amount of use, it can be divided into two types: main material and auxiliary material.
1. Main raw materials
Usually, the main raw material accounts for 30%~80% of the material proportion. It is generally composed of one or several kinds of raw materials. Common raw materials are livestock and poultry manure.

2. Auxiliary materials
The auxiliary materials are mainly used to adjust the moisture, C/N, pH value, and permeability of some raw materials. They are composed of one or several raw materials. Usually, the proportion of such raw materials in the whole material does not exceed 40%, and the proportion of a single material does not exceed 20%. Common auxiliary materials are straw powder, rice husk powder, rice bran, wheat bran, cake meal, mushroom residue, fly ash, quicklime, superphosphate, phosphate rock powder, etc.
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