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Fermentation Process of Groove Type Compost Turner

A variety of bacteria is contained in the raw materials of organic fertilizer, plus the specific fermentation strains, so when conditions are suitable, the microbial community begins to multiply in large numbers, so that the microbial content in the raw materials is increased. The heat generated during fermentation makes the temperature change constantly, which prompts the fungi adapted to each temperature segment to decompose and ferment the raw materials.

According to different temperatures, the fermentation process of organic fertilizer is divided into three stages: low temperature stage, high temperature stage, and cooling stage (heat preservation stage).

Low temperature stage: The temperature is about 20℃–35℃. At this time, the medium-temperature microorganisms multiply vigorously, and begin to decompose the raw materials. The heat generated in the decomposition process continuously raises the temperature of the raw materials, which makes the fermentation process enter the next stage.

High temperature stage: The temperature is about40℃–70℃. At this time, the microbial community multiplied greatly, and the decomposition and fermentation speed of raw materials are greatly accelerated. The egg bacteria inside the raw materials are gradually killed. With the accumulation of heat, when the temperature exceeds 70℃, low-temperature microorganisms will die, high-temperature microorganisms will reduce their activity, and the fermentation rate will slow down. Usually, the materials will be turned over to prevent high temperature from  slowing down the fermentation speed.          

Cooling stage: With the end of the fermentation process, the temperature of fermentation heap will gradually decreases until sightly above room temperature. Then seal the heap to save.



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