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Notes for The Use of Cow Manure Compost Turner

Cow manure contains rich nutrients, which is a relatively high quality organic fertilizer. The feed intake of cow is not fully digested and absorbed, and about 40%-70% of the nutrients are expelled from the body, so cow manure is high in nutrients among all poultry manure.

Using biological aerobic fermentation technology to process cow manure into organic fertilizer is a good way for cow farm. The production of organic fertilizer by cow manure fermentation adding biological starter and turning over the materials, so the cow manure compost turner is very necessary.

The following matters should be paid attention to when using compost turner:

  1. Before using, the oil tank should be refueled first, remember to refueling to the right amount, not too full;
  2. Grease the oil holes marked on the body of the compost turner with butter, but the motor oil should be added to the chain;
  3. Operators should regularly check the tightness of the belt, and too loose belt will lead to the difficulty of lighting the machine.
  4. In the process of turning over the materials, the operator should move forward with a slow and uniform speed, not carry on with big throttle.
  5. The equipment should be started outside the materials, otherwise it is easy to burn out the motor and cause machine failure.


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