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Introduction of Aerobic Fermentation

Aerobic fermentation is mainly characterized by small floor area, less investment and less power consumption; no waste water and smoke produced, and no odor; without high pressure and boiler, eliminating hidden trouble. Then our equipment is simple in structure and easy to be operated, with stable quality and good treatment effect.

The process of high temperature aerobic fermentation can be divided into rapid heating stage, high temperature stage and cooling stage.

The raw materials enter the fermentation room and will be decomposed rapidly within 1-2 days. The heat released rapidly increases the temperature of materials, which is generally 50~65℃. The highest temperature can reach 80℃. Oxygen will be delivered uniformly to the fermentation room through the air supply to meet the demand of oxygen in the fermentation process and make the materials be fully fermented and decomposed. The high-temperature phase will last for 5-7 days. When the decomposition rate decreases slowly, the temperature also decreases gradually. The time of whole fermentation process can last 9-10 days. Temperature rise and ventilation with oxygen can speed up the evaporation of water, so as to reduce the volume of materials, to achieve the purpose of materials reduction and stabilization. The fermentation room temperature can be maintained above 50℃ for 5-7 days, which can kill insect eggs, pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds.



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